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  • Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
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Everyone get old after a time. Their performance and efficiency start decreasing. Same thing happens with the Cars. After a while they are not worthy of the road. Or some they are dead or get wrecked. But due to the long relation with your car you think of repairing it making changes on some places. This repair process is going to be costly judging from the condition of the car. Then there is only option left that is to call a car wrecker or go to the scrapyard.

Scrapyards is an easy option of selling your car but what if the car is wrecked or damaged. When this condition arrives then you should take help of Car wreckers. If you are still thinking of going to scrap yard and sell your car there then rethink. You can make more money with ease if you strip and scrap your car by self. By scraping car by self, make sure you have checked out these things. This will help in getting you good cash for car.

What Wrecked or Killed the Car?

First thing that has to be done in scraping process you need to understand your car. List all the reasons that have caused the car to go in that way. If you can take help of the mechanic who can see your car for free that would be good. It helps when a professional declares the car dead or no worthy of road.

This analysis of the causes that killed your car will tell you where the damages are caused. Now you will not be able to sell those parts those are part of wrecking the car. It will give you a good idea about how much cash your wrecked car or dead car is worth of.

Sell the Energy Storing Units.

Yes the best money gambling unit in the car is your battery or Power units. These batteries are rechargeable and good for high performance. It doesn’t matter whether the power source is dead or alive. Car parts buyer are happy same either with live battery or dead battery. They love to recycle them and put them into reuse.

These batteries are also easy to sell. There is no shortage of people who are looking for replacement of their car’s batteries. These powers are easiest part that gets sold so quickly. Also the fuel tank must be empty while you are scrapping the car. Fuel or Gas is also a good source of power to the car. If you left it in the car while scrapping then you just wasted your money on that fuel.

Easy Cash from Basic Parts

Once free of previous section now list all those easy selling parts that your car got. Two most easily sold parts are tire and music system. Tire that is not long wore by your car are easy to sell to others. Sometime the tires are used a lot and there is nothing left in them to sell. In this condition contact some craftsman. These people buy tires to make something out of them. Even eBay is a good place where you can sell your old tires in good cash.

Music system and radio are the most stole part of a car. These parts are used frequently and get old and damaged with time. One is always in looking for decent music system for own car. It is an easily removable part of the car. You can sell it quickly on the online market.

Even parts like seat, seat cover, steering wheel, gear stick gets easily sold in market. Auctions and Instant Buy will give you guaranteed good cash for your wrecked car.

Make Every Part Count

Working Engine, Doors, Windshields and other parts usually get wrecked in accidents or other incidents. People are continuously looking for these parts. Most of the time instead of repairing these parts, people replace them with another one. Now if your wrecked car got any of these parts in good condition make sure you are selling them. In case of engine take care of fact that is heavy and need to get towed. So look for people who are looking for engine, they usually have facility of towing it.

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